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Ayako Yoshimura (JAPAN)
"Distant places, distant time"
Born in New York, 1969. Lives in Amsterdam. Yoshimura's works are often video installations using images and text that explore personal identity. She uses ordinary images the like of which everybody will have seen and reminds us of things we have forgotten. These perfect picture landscapes are postcards she has collected.

Philippe Chatelain (FRANCE)
Born in France, 1971. Lives in Japan. Mixed media installation, sound performances. As the Mass media joined by an aggressive advertising system reaches and penetrates the intimacy of individuals, "IKI WO TOMERU" tends to demonstrate the reverse situation. Here, moments of intimacy tend to invest the heart of consumer society.

Hideki Nakazawa (JAPAN)
"Moving-letter-coordinates-type painting of 23 letters by 39 lines No. 3"
Nakazawa creates his logical & conceptual world with a theoretical approach to the arts, media and physics. The piece is a "figurative" painting about the shimmering sea made with 336 characters with "water" radicals, and 73 with "fish" radicals.

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Noboru Tsubaki (JAPAN)
"With Love"
Born in Kyoto,1953. Well exhibited both within Japan and abroad. Recently he has been involed in many workshops using digital media as a communication tool. This piece questions the physical and mental reality of virtual communication. Even chain mail sometimes tell the truth.


Saki Satom (JAPAN)
"Own Space1" "Own Space2"
Born in Tokyo,1969. Graduated from Goldsmith's College, London, 1999. The charm of her work lies in her modest, simple approach to crowded city spaces where daily routine is taken for granted, performing private actions in public spaces. In the new works she is performing an action in a very private space to present to the very public space of the streets of Akihabara.

Peter Bellars (UK)
"Close to me"
Born in London, 1959. Lives in Tokyo. Idolatry in Japan is alive and well. The same few adored faces we see on TV shows and in dramas, appear in advertisments in magazines, in shops, on TV and on giant hoardings across the nation. Alone on Valentine's day, a young girl is surprisingly content. But then everything she has done during the day has kept her close to her idol, the actress Miho Nakayama.

Gregory Maass (GERMANY)
Born in Haagen, 1967 Until 2000, he was on the postgraduate program for Fine Arts, Design and Theory at the Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Holland. A digital animation of carbon based molecule shapes, based on some architectural / structural investigations undertaken by Richard Buckminster Fuller early this century.

Atsushi Ito (JAPAN)
"Sep.30th, '99"
Born in 1962, Hiroshima.
This work measures the speed of our forgetfulness. "Sep. 30th, '99"- You may not remember what happened on this day..
Ito has been making work under the themes of " Transmission" and "genetic inheritance" since '93. He is also dealing with stage art and has been one a member of an art and performance group "Mimetic Art Association (Gitai Art Union) since '96.

Shunsuke Kamata (JAPAN)
"kind of red"
Akihabara is tinged red with this one minute piece. Shunsuke Kamata was born in 1975, studied computer graphics at Digital Hollywood in 1998. He participated in the Second Indies Movie Festival in 1999.

Josep. M. Martin (SPAIN)
"La mascota de Milutown"
Born in Ceuta, Spain. Lives in Barcelona. He has joined several shows in Japan, and joins Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale in 2000. "Milutown" is a keyword of his project developed with different people in different cities already including Barcelona, Perpignon and Madrid.

Nayoung Kim (KOREA)
"Tea Dance/Don't be cruel"
Born in Seoul, Korea. Lives in Paris. A professional dancer dances to Elvis Presley's song, "Don't be Cruel". The song is arranged for several kinds of sport-dances: samba, chachacha, jive, and tango. These are technical/ physical/exactitudes and at the same time, they show emotions such as joy or sadness...etc.

Geert Mul (HOLLAND)
"TIME CROSS " 1- 4
Rotterdam based media artist who belongs to the media organisation "V2". Mul uses video material recorded during trips in Tokyo and cuts them up into frames and edits them freely. The overload of high-speed images burn onto our retinas; it is hard to derive particular meaning, so we should view this as purely a chain of images. TIME CROSS was made with the Epic Generator software.

Almut Rink (AUSTRIA)
"Screen Saver"
Born in East Germany,1971. Rink has researched into the background of man made natural spaces such as parks and gardens, to draw attention to specific problems within society. In 1999 she stayed in Fujino, Tokyo. For this work, Rink looked into what was behind the use of so many natural images in consumer goods and created screen saver featuring the popular image of an aquarium.

Lilian Bourgeat&Luc Adami (FRANCE)
"Made in Japan"
Bourgeat's major artworks are installations with elements of viewer participation. His main concept is consistently to "mock the people". He stayed in Japan (Moriya) as an artist on the ARCUS Program 1999. Adami generally uses video, making works using the imagery of sport. Their collaboration creates a conceptual piece which is a synchronized image of Japan and ping-pong.

Patricia Piccinini (AUSTRALIA)
"The Breathing Room: Option anxiety"
Born in Sierra Leone,1965. Lives in Melbourne.The work reflects the very contemporary state of anxiety that occurs as new technologies begin to destabilise the 'fundamentals' of life. The piece shows a stretch of breathing skin. Perhaps it is alien. We see and hear the rhythm of its breathing. For no apparent reason, the body panics and the viewer shares these tense moments.

Akane Asaoka (JAPAN)
Born in Tokyo,1966. Lives in Barcelona. "Constellation" is a project in which she draws lines that connect artificial light sources such as streetlights and the headlights of cars, which evoke a new kind of urban fairytale. "Escape" is a video of images shot through the front glass of a car. A melancholic and nostalgic image out to seeps the chaotic, dizzy street of Akihabara.

Root R (JAPAN)
Jack is running through the neon signs of Akihabara. It is only thanks to Tokyo's electric town that he exists at all. The beauty of this piece, therefore, is the reflected beauty of Akihabara itself.

Lynne Yamamoto/Lucretia Knapp (USA)
"Yellow Light" "Inside the Table"
Lynne Yamamoto/Lucretia Knapp are New York based artists."Yellow Light" is a work using "modest" technology. Before wandering out into the busy city, two feet wrestle in the sheets.

Erich Weiss (BELGIUM)
"She shaves her... "
Born in 1966, Belgium. Lives in Barcelona. One man show in SUMISO, Osaka, 1999. In this work, a girl passes the time sitting idly, just as we sit in front of our TVs.

Yukio Fujimoto (JAPAN)
"record/play 02"
Born in Nagoya,1950. Lives in Osaka. The second in a series of "record/play" works in which the artist tries simply "recording and playing" various scenes. Captured footage of "Nihombashi-suji Street" - Osaka's biggest electric town - is played to the streets of Tokyo's electric town. What will people find in this landscape that looks so much as if it was stolen from Akihabara?

Kristin Lucas (USA)
"As seen on TV" "Right through me"
Born in Davenport, 1968. Lives in New York. Lucas works in the field of media art and her work always concerns the anxiety and invisible effect on the human mind and body brought about by the adoption of tecnology. The charm of this work, however, lies in the contrast between the high tech theme and the low tech production.
Special performance
3/26 (sun) 1pm- Akihabara Electric Town
・Simulcast Mobile Kit #1
concept and direction: Kristin Lucas

"Simulcast is about connection, reception, reflection, and deflection. To simulcast is to shape ambient and competing energies that effect one's mind and body." There was a mission from Kristin Lucas in NY to Tokyo's simulcaster. "Give simulcast mobile kit #1 to the visitors in AKihabara."try our new product, thank you"

"The Human Machine Meltdown"
A Mutation at the sub atomic level occurs; human to machine transformation is now complete and ready for testing today in a store near you... Born in Melbourne, Australia. in 1964 and works in the areas between animation, video and installation. His work is often concerned with the theme of the "technologically monstrous", in a variety of different projects.

Kamol Phaosavasdi (THAILAND)
Born in Thailand, 1958. He studied art in Bangkok and got an Intermedia MFA in California, in 1984. He makes installations using video images and natural materials to express man's precarious position in an environment increasingly damaged and polluted as a consequence of rapid economical development. *Co-curated with Project 304,Bangkok

Takeshi Kusu (JAPAN)
Age: unknown. Lives in Fukuoka.While working as an assistant to artist Hiroshi Fuji, he started his own work as an animal loving sculptor. His first solo show "Fishboard Shop" was held at command N /□ in1998. He made a logo character sculpture for Fuji's show "Vinyl Plastics Collection" at Hakone Chokoku-no-mori museum in 1999. His heartwarming message will lighten the stress of the crowds of Akihabara.

York der Knoefel (GERMANY)
"ajax 2000"
Born in Potsdam, Germany,1962. Lives and works in New York and Berlin. Knoefel started his carrer as a photographer and joined many photographic exhibitions in Europe. Recently he has been working more on installations using photographs and videos. In 1999 and 2000, he joined two artist-in-residence programs in Japan - at the ICC Intercommunication Center and Akiyoshidai International Art Village.

Kazuhiko Hachiya (JAPAN)
"thank you"
Kazuhiko Hachiya - concept designer of "Post Pet", mail software." I had not said "thank you" to the clerks who take care of the sales of my "Post Pet". It had already been out for over a year! So I arranged my tour with "Momo" girl, carrying a pot of Starbucks coffee in my hands and small gifts in my pockets. It was to be a journey through Akihabara in which I told all the salespersons how much I appreciated them."

Alasdair Duncan (UK)
"Todoroki Shiro - Artist"
Born in London, 1971.
-Hey, what you looking at?
-I'm an artist. Not an entertainment!
-I don't think I like you.
-You shop here often? -Is this funny?
-Don't take it too lightly!
-I'm living bloody seriously.
-Art is like an explosion.
-What are you Looking at? Piss off! 
It's got nothing to do with you. (ART!)
Special Live performance
3/26 (sun) afternoon /Alasdair Duncan "The New Future II"
Alasdair Duncan's performances present an extrodinary mix of retro-future funk with a bad noise aesthetic and an hypnotically stunning, primitive and poor future-modernist computer generated visual spectacular. Following his resounding success across Europe this is a rare and unique opportunity to see Duncan performing in Japan.

Parco Kinoshita (JAPAN)
"Kin-aka Circle"
Born in 1965, a member of the "Showa 40-nen kai" group. In his performances in various parts of Europe he used a Karaoke machine and took routines apart and tried to communicate with substitute routines. "Kin-aka circle", is a challenging piece concerned with the contrasting impressions people have of the national flag of Japan, the Rising Sun.

Masayuki Watanabe (JAPAN)
Born in 1965. Graduater of The Digital Hollywood Laboratory. Participated in the Second Indies Movie Festival, 1999. Experienced in sculpturing metal and the use of FRP, he works in 3D computer graphics at OGAWA MODELLING.

Manuel Saiz (SPAIN)
Born in La Rioja, Spain, 1961. Lives in London. Saiz works in a wide range of media and has joined many shows in Europe. LEGO is well known for being both rigid and versatile. "iLEGO" is a technical approach to the idea of the 'coexistence of structure and chaos', intended to be shown in a structured and chaotic atmosphere.

Masato Nakamura (JAPAN)
Born in 1963, Odate, Akita. The installation "QSC+mV" (1998), using the "m" sign of McDonald is perhaps his most significant work. He creates works using "art" found in society that show the "creative energy of the city". "7%" cheers up people passing through Akihabara with applause.

Jacinta Schreuder (AUSTRALIA)
"Smart-Girl Action"
Lives and works in Melbourne. Schreuder's work has focused upon consumer culture and identity, and popular and vernacular forms of decorative art and fashion. Recently she has been working a lot with the idea and image of 'career girls' in the city. She spent four months in Tokyo at the Australia Council studio in1999. *Co-curated with 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne

Michael Shaowanasai (THAILAND)
Born in 1964. Lives in Bangkok and Chicago. A Thai multi disciplinary artist. He has exhibited internationally, and his video works have been screened in many film/video festivals such as the BEFF2-Bangkok Experimental Film Festival 2 and the Yamagata Film Festival. His video works include "Exotic 101" and "The Adventures of Iron Pussy". 
*Co-curated with Project 304(Bangkok)

Special performance
"Sonic Interface"
Akitsugu Maebayashi
on the weekend street of Akihabara


In these "Powwows" - informal talk sessions with nice refreshments - we welcome unique guest speakers and exchange ideas and opinions in a friendly, casual atmosphere.
talk sessions by Akihabara TV artists
:Kazuhiko Hachiya,Saki Satom,Masato Nakamura,
Root R,and others.