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To enjoy animation and audio programs, you need the software called "Player" on your PC. The Player will be needed for all animation and audio contents in this site. The technology we use on this site is called "streaming". To view the video works contributed to this programs, you will need RealPlayer by RealNetworks, Inc.
You can download these players free of charge. If players are already installed in your PC, you can enjoy free programs in this site right now.

* To download RealPlayer 8 Basic (free of charge), click here or the button on the left. Then select the player which is appropriate to your system and download it. You can download the player at the bottom of the linked page free of charge.

We, commandN, accept no responsibility for when any part or all of the web site cannot be viewed due to reasons beyond our control and for which we are not responsible.
"RealPlayer" cannot be used on some computers due to incompatibility with systems, or due to wiring environments (such as firewall in the office).
We recommend viewers install "Real Player" and then check whether it can be used.
Streaming at times may not be smooth or may be interrupted, due to congestion or other factors such as wiring environments. In such cases we recommend restarting.
Notes on how to use "Real Player" and "QuickTime" are shown at each web site.